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Artist's Statement - 'It's all About the Light'

My quest for capturing the right effect of light in my painting  is the most important aspect of my work, whether it be the colour filled shadows in a sun filled Mediterranean Garden, or the more specific demands of a beautiful portrait – illumination is paramount.

In landscape; to be able to capture the moods of our world, the lights, the shadows, the mists and the reflections; only brings to mind the importance of my attempt to share the love of my natural world - continuously threatened by so many outside factors.

In portraiture; to be able to capture a likeness of the subject and work the unique essence of the person into the work; to bring ' back' the person in a posthumous portrait which brings incredible joy to the family, has for many years been a joy for me.

Both landscape and portraiture have been the point of my artistic life and a great pleasure and privelege in equal measures.


Heather Gail Harman




Spain 2013




Heather Gail Harman (nee Johnston) was a child artist. She developed a love for art alongside music having been a child prone to just about every illness going. Her appreciation of form, tone, and colour grew before her ability to read and write.   Her work was encouraged by her parents, and her talent was also encouraged by some art professionals/ educationalists during the years of illness. Eventually she outgrew the illness problems, and as a very young teenager she attracted the attention of the media (both television and the press) with her portrait work, a difficult discipline to start with, which seemed to 'come out of nowhere'.


Her work then developed through the 'inspiration' of being able to paint the subjects she loved - mainly musicians of the day, and many of them she met during the 'swinging sixties'.


Heather is now affiliated with or a full member of 5 major pastel and portrait societies worldwide, and she served as board advisor to the emerging Pastel Guild of Europe in 2010, and was made a full board member shortly afterwards (now retired).


An artist with two specialities

Heather's love of pastel grew from receiving a small box during the sixties. It has been a lifelong love, and today Heather is regarded as one of the primary exponents of the 'full painting method', of pastel painting. She works in 5 styles of pastel portraiture from drawing through to full painting, and continues to push the medium in her landscape work, in both traditional and impressionist styles.


Heather is also a prolific writer of articles for art magazines - and wrote for many years for the Artist Publishing Group in Britain, on landscape and portrait themes.


Her work in both subjects can be found in private and public collections worldwide, and she now works closely with chosen pastel manufacturers, and art equipment designers. She has a particularly close affiliation with Unison Pastels and Conte a Paris., (she is noted for her portrait work in the beautiful sanguine medium.)


Heather began her love affair with the landscape over 30 years ago. It provided the perfect foil for the intense work involved in studio portraiture, and she has always maintained that working in both subjects has not only greatly contributed to her expertise in the pastel medium, it has also introduced her to another great joy in her life - teaching. Heather started to teach in the late 80's and now enjoys the reputation of being one of the most popular pastel tutors in both portrait and landscape, and she still introduces new students to the medium today.


She and her husband Will have hosted countless painting holidays within Europe, and decided to call a halt to the travelling and move to a hotter climate in 2004. They built their home in the Andalucian mountains near Malaga, on a plot purchased 'for the view', where she can study her beloved skies, and imerse herself in the fabulous clear light of the Andalucian countryside. A she says - Light is everything', in her work.

What is Available from Heather's website?


Originals - Landscape

The galleries pages show the breadth and styles of Heather's work in portrait and landscape. The landscape originals are available to purchase unless otherwise indicated. (go to the galleries page)


Originals - Portrait

Original portraiture is by commission (go to commissions page) A small selection of Heather's portrait work which is not commissioned is available for sale. (go to portrait gallery).


A very Special Secret Gift? -

A portrait for a special occasion, which you would like to keep as a surprise? Heather Has a lifetime of experience In deception for these occasions! Contact Heather directly. (For more information go to commissions)


Fine Art Giclee reproduction prints-

Are available in a range of sizes of many of the originals in Heather's galleries. These prints are very high quality and reproduced into archival paper. A range of frames and mounts are available for you to choose from, or you could leave it to Heather to choose.


Prints can also be printed onto canvas; contact Heather direct for more information about the canvas service.

(The prints webpage is currently under construction)


Products -

The Heather Gail Harman Mediterranean Selection of 63 Unison pastel half sticks (ideal for plein air work) is available from the online shop. These boxes can be signed or personally dedicated by Heather for a special gift, to your specification.


A range of demonstration DVD's , greetings cards, and calenders are being developed for 2013. Included will be a greetings card collection based on:


*British and French scenes (2010/11)

*Mediterranean light (2010/11)

*The Smoke and Mirrors Skies series (2012),

*The Winter Harmony series (2013),

*and a very special collection of cards of the rescue Dogs that Heather has painted and donated to the Costa Animal Society in Andalucia, (part donation to the CAS charity). (Go to shop page )