Heather is a member of, and/or exhibits with:


                   The Spanish Pastel Society – ASPAS,

         The Pastel Society of America - Associate member 

                     The Portrait Society of America


                             Art du Pastel en France

                  Societie les Pastellistes de France.

           Charter Member and retired Board member
                    of The Pastel Guild of Europe





Heather in her studio in the Andalucian Mountains  

A Very Unusual Career                                             


Heather has a strong reputation as both a portrait painter and a                 In 1985 on the strength of her extensive experience working with and
landscape painter, and has enjoyed an unorthodox artistic career              for many top musicians and entertainers, Heather was asked to be the
path. Her works in both genres are to be found in collections                      production co-ordinator for the stage show The Price Is Right, working for
worldwide. Heather is now a pastel specialist of some 35 years                  London Management (Billt Marsh), Jan Kennedy, William G Stewart, 
experience who has taught over 900 artists the techniques of                     the late and sadly missed Leslie Crowther, and Gary Wilmot.  Portraiture 
pastel, and she undertook one of the first researches                                  commissions were also completed during this period of the cast and crew.
(at Lancaster University) in 1990 on the History of the pastel
medium. She has written numerous landscape and portrait                         In 1986, Heather was invited to transfer her skills into the sports industry.
articles for the Artists Publishing Group in England since 1996.                  This was a role which, although unexpected resulted in her developing a
                                                                                                                       methods fo large events and charity fund raising which called upon all 
Her career in art began when she was just 13, when she portrayed            of her wide experience in theatre, music and entertainments.  Heather
the late JF Kennedy and the portrait was hung in the National                     fought for and instigated the first exhibtion in an art gallery for a football
Archive in Washington on the direct instruction of President LB                   club, to mark Blackpool Football Clubs Centenery Celebrations. The idea 
Johnson. A teenage career in portraiture began, followed keenly                 was copied some 12 months later by Preston F.C. and then became the
by the national press and Heather even had a BBC contract at                    British Football Musuem.  It took an artist with vision to bring that idea
the age of 14. Her work was also hung in the library of Kings                       to fruition.
College Cambridge, and along the way Heather met many of her
60’s music world idols. As much fun as the 60’s were - the real                   Following her years in Lancaster University (1990 -93) studying the
work started of course following years of study.                                            history of women in the creative arts, and the History of the pastel
                                                                                                                       medium, Heather was approached with a view to painting the players
In the early 70’s Heather began a 12 year period of working within              of Manchester United Football Club.  At that point Heather was Co
the entertainments and music industries. As a portrait painter;                     Director of a limited edition print company, and the brief included
she was given her first solo exhibition in the North of England                      portrait work of players old (George Best Dennis Law etc) and new,
when 23 years old, featuring the pastel portraits of 36 major                         (David Beckham, Ryan Giggs etc).  The signed limited edition prints
musicians/songwriters and continued to work within the British                    of Best and Law, Baxter, and Jimmy Johnson, were countersigned by
music and entertainments industries for many years – working for               Heather and the players, are now sold out and are now highly collectable
and with Elton John (for the Olympic Appeal Fund), Billy Connolly               Editions of other football icons followed.
(Heather was his tour artist), Harvey Goldsmith, Boy George/
Culture Club and many music companies. The press dubbed her                During this period Heather also completed work for the World Wildlife 
portraitist to the stars. During this period she worked for many                     Fund, and for Granada Television for an edition based on Coronation
popular musicians and comedians as a portraitist. For a portrait                  Street.
painter to have an exhibition at all is highly unusual, but at such
a young age it is even moreso. This was just the first of Heather’s               Heather and her husband Will moved to Spain in 2004, where they built 
portrait exhibitions, and an early dedicated 'pastel'exhibition.                        their home as a painting venue in the Andalucian mountains. She now
Many one woman and group exhibitions followed in the England                  exhibits and demonstrates with the European pastel societies, and

and abroad.                                                                                                    remains committed to her role mentoring other artists.

Heather’s reputation as an award winning tutor/lecturer lead to annual contracts within the Adult Residential College Assc. When not teaching specialist pastel courses in Britain Heather presented painting holidays throughout Europe, and presented annual portrait seminars in two of the most prestigious adult residential colleges in Britain – which attracted enrolees worldwide. Teaching and mentoring are still important to her today.


            Heather demonstrating in Andalucia 2012



Notable Portrait Commissions: (Landscape sales not included)


1966 – portrait of J F Kennedy – hung be order of L B Johnson in the National Archives Gallery, Washington,

1966 – portrait of poet Rupert Brooke – (John Saltmarsh , King’s College Cambridge.) Hung in the library of KingsCollege.

1967 – portrait of Harry Secombe – (Tom Ravensdale ) Fundraiser and profile raiser for the Spina Bifida Charity.

1967 – portrait Mick Mcmanus Wrestler

1968 – portrait of London Paladium host Norman Vaughn (Norman Vaughn)

1970 – portrait of the founders of the Bramley Apple – Ada and Alfred Bramley

1971 – portrait of Maureen Pollock – Miss Great Britain Finalist


1973 – Portrait of Joseph Roberts and 2 horses – Russian Hussar - Fund raiser for Riding for the Disabled charity.

1975 – portrait of Elton John – Olympic Appeal Fund raiser – (Watford FC)

 1975 - portrait Manitas de Plata – Spanish Flamenco guitarist

1976 – portrait of Nan Mouskouri – singer – (S G Guest ) Presented to Nana at the Paris Olympia

1977 – portrait Michel le Grande (French composer)– (Blackburn)

1977 – multiple portrait Bobby Parr – actor Pinewood Studios , BBC TV (The Land that Time Forgot)

1977 – portrait of actor Doug McClure - Pinewood Studios         “

1977 – portrait of Ivan Dupre – entertainer

1977 – portrait of Karry Sheldon – singer

1977 – portraits RAF Alsation dogs – (Blue Peter – highwire dog – Shelley)


(1978 – commission for North West Arts Association – 40 x 30 foot floor mural (BBC TV))


1979 – portraits for Billy Connolly comedian – 18 pieces. Heather was his tour artist for the Big Wee Tour

1979 – Portrait Harvey Goldsmith promoter (Princess Diana memorial Concert, Live Aid, Pavaroti in the Park)

1979 – portraits Elton John. Ray Cooper

1980 - portraits for Mike Harding comedian

1980 – portrait Stu Francis – comedien

1980 - portrait Leo Sayer - singer

1981 – portraits of Prince Charles/ lady Diana for ArnoldPublic School

1981 - edition of prints of Prince Charles/ Lady Diana for the Lancashire Evening News

1981 - portrait Barbara Dickson -singer

1982 – portrait Andy Holdsworth – musician – national Youth Jazz Orchestra.

1983 – portrait drawings Police band – (Miles Copeland)

1984 – portrait Boy George (Virgin records)

1985 – London management (Billy Marsh and Jan Kennedy) and Regent Productions (William G Stewart) Central TV Contract:

Production Co-ordinator /P.A. Leslie Crowther – The Price Is Right (Blackpool Grand Theatre)

1985 – portrait Leslie Crowther - comedian TV personality

1985 - portrait Gordon Scott musician (Sade)

1985 – portrait Gary Wilmot - comedian/actor

1986 – contract Blackpool F.C. Find raiser – large event organiser – Rebecca Heyworth/BFC appeal fund .
Watford to Blackpool run. Sponsored by British Telecom

1986 –Heather’s Blackpool F.C. exhibition – GrundyArtGalleryBlackpool – BBC TV Centenary Launch event for Blackpool F.C. – (First ever football exhibition in an art gallery – the idea then becoming the PrestonNationalFootballMuseum.)


1987 – portrait ‘Lucy’ – best on catagorie Crufts Dog Show

1987 – portrait The Walker Brothers – musicians   (Walkerpeople)


(1988 –Artist/ Tutor – Lancashire County Council – Alston Hall, Preston,
Cumbria County Council Higham Hall, Bassenthwaite Lake, Cockermouth –
private tuition contracts)

(LancasterUniversity – History of Women in the arts and the History of the Pastel Medium - ba hons)


1995 – Wrote articles for the Artists Publishing Group (Britain) (ongoing until 1987 – articles specialising in portrait and landscape in pastel)


1996 – Portrait John Ruskin (Alston Hall, Lancashire)


1996 – Presented painting holidays in Europe for The Greek Islands Club, and Tapestry Holidays (ongoing until 1986)

1996 – tryptich  commission – (Higham Hall, Cockermouth)

1997 – Portrait John Ruskin – (Higham Hall, Cockermouth)


1996 – 2001 Co-founded ‘Impact Media Portraits Ltd’ – Manchester United F.C. Resulting in portraits of Football stars – (Paddy and Danny Crerrand) George Best, Denis Law,. Limited Fine Arts Trade Guild prints – 500 edition – now highly collectable.  


1998 - Portraits for World Wildlife Fund


2002 – Portrait  - Crufts Dog show winner.

2002 – Portrait Micheal Schummacher (Andrew Fenn)


2005 – relocate to Spain



2006 – Portrait of the Alcalde of Canillas de Aceituno

2006 – Portrait Ursula - Miss Andalucia

2006 - Portrait Natasha – communion dress

2006 – Portrait Angela Dent (caterer)– full body

2006 – portrait Angela Dent – Sanguine drawing

2008 - Portraits for Costa Animal Society – Scruffs Dog Show. Twice yearly ongoing.
(2009 – The inception of the Pastel guild Europe – Adviser to the Board).

2009 – Portrait Piper – Alsation – (Richeson pastel exhibition USA)

2010 – Portrait dog Oudles – CAS

2011 - Portrait dog Bobby – Golden Retriever

2011 – Portrait dog Vicky - CAS (Richeson Pastel exhibition USA)

2011 – Portrait dog Hamish – Yorkshire terrier

2011 – Portrait Willy and Weebie – double portrait – yorkshire terriers (Brian Turner)

2011 – Portraits dogs Snooze (terrier) and Sidney Russell)– separate portraits (Tracy Seeley)

2012 – Portrait – Mara Galeazzi – Principle Ballerina for the Royal Ballet Company (Ray Rowden)



1975 -     Preston County Council - Guildhall (televised) - one woman shows
1976 -                   "
1977 -                   "

1977 - Lancashire County Council, Grundy Gallery  - one woman show

1978 -    Preston County Council - Guildhall - one woman shows
1979 -                   "
1980 -                   "
1981 -                   "
1982 -                   "
1983 -                   "
1984 -                   "
1987 -                   "
1987 - Yorkshire Pastel Society - society show
1989 - Chequers art Gallery, Blackpool - one woman show
1990 - Aspects of pastel 2 - Alston Hall - one woman show
1992 - New ideas in Pastel landscape - Alston Hall - one woman show

1994 - Lancashire County Council - Aspects of Pastel,  - one woman show
1997 -                "                           Pastel in the landscape - one woman show

1999 - 2003 - exhibiting/ demonstrating at society shows

(2004 - move to Spain)

2006 - Unicaja gallery, Canillas de Aceituno, Malaga, - one woman show
2008 - Art du Pastel en France - exhibited/demonstrated group show
2009 - Spanish Pastel society (ASPAS)- Biennial Exhibition - Oviedo University - group show
2010 - Art du Pastel en France - exhibited
2011 - Spanish Pastel Society (ASPAS) - Biennial exhibition - Oviedo Universtiy - exhibited, master class demonstration.
2010 - Richeson Online Pastel exhibition -
2010 - Pastel Guild of Europe 'Get Dusty' online competition - winner.
2011 - Richeson on line pastel exhibition - finalist.
2012 - Richeson online exhibition - finalist.